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"Best Valencia divorce attorney Robert Berchan"

Best Santa Clarita Family Lawyer – Any Good Ones Out There?

Written by Paul Marlowe

Best Santa Clarita Family Lawyer is the Question, but first, what is family law?

According to Wikipedia, family law is an area of the law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations including:

  • the nature of marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships;
  • issues arising throughout marriage, including spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, and child abduction
  • the termination of the relationship and ancillary matters including divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, and parental responsibility orders (in the United States, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony awards).
  • Paternity fraud and testing
  • Juvenile adjudication

 Therefore, Santa Clarita Family Law includes legal issues that families face. (661) 295-4979 Here are some of the things that will be included in “family law”:

  • divorce
  • spousal support
  • child support
  • custody
  • division of assets and liabilities due to divorce
  • adoption
  • termination of parental rights
  • paternity
  • dependency and child neglect
  • protection from abuse

Best Santa Clarita Family Lawyer

My friend, Robert Berchan (661) 295-4979 is a Santa Clarita family law expert and the Best Santa Clarita Family Lawyer I know, so I thought I would sit him down to ask him a few questions.

Where Exactly Can We Find Information about Santa Clarita Family Law?

Our address is 23929 W Valencia Blvd #411, Valencia Ca.

You can click HERE and a little map will pop up.

Why Practice Santa Clarita Family Law?

My first question, is why do you like to practice family law in Santa Clarita CA?

First of all, Santa Clarita Ca is a beautiful city. There are many wonderful people who live in Santa Clarita, and the bulk of my job as a family lawyer is to assist a person who is going through one of the most stressful experiences in life. Therefore I get to be more than just a lawyer who advises his client on their legal rights. After a while, it becomes rewarding to know that you’ve helped someone living in Santa Clarita to get through a difficult time. (661) 295-4979

The Challenges of Family Law in Santa Clarita Ca.

Even though Santa Clarita is a beautiful place to live, and my job has its rewards, it sometimes feels like I’m riding an emotional roller coaster because I am also living stressful events with my clients. Sometimes one or both parties are intent on hurting the other party by making the process as difficult as possible. Even though they are shooting themselves in the foot, the collateral damage sometimes affects everyone, and that’s sad.

"picture of 23929 Valencia Blvd Valencia Ca 91355"

What is an example of an average day of a Santa Clarita family lawyer?

Actually there is no “average day” which is something that I enjoy about practicing family law in Santa Clarita. Each day brings a new issue from one of my clients that must be resolved – anything from a missed custody exchange in San Fernando to a dispute about how to handle custody over Easter in Los Angeles to a complaint about one party moving money out of a joint account. The list is endless! Lol.

Generally I spend my day returning emails, phone calls, negotiating issues, drafting letters, preparing pleadings for court and attending court hearings.

In practicing Santa Clarita family law I will often spend quite a bit of time in court for hearings and motions.  Occasionally I will have trials that can last several days – and even weeks!
(661) 295-4979

Any skills needed to be successful to practice family law?

Most family law attorneys are skilled at being both a litigator and a negotiator. They possess excellent time management skills because family law is very fluid. What I mean by this is that often you will be interrupted by your client’s lives. Therefore, it’s important to have good communication and counseling skills — because people are dealing with a very emotional time in their lives.

In addition, accounting and a working knowledge of financial matters helps too because I have to be able to advise my client and as well as present his or her financial issues to a judge.

What is the latest trend in family law?

In 2008, there was a task force commission by the state of California to improve fairness and efficiency in family law proceedings. Basically it was noted that in 75% of family law cases, at least one party was represented by themselves, so the state of CA wanted to insure that all parties have equal access to legal representation. For this reason at the law office of Robert Berchan, we offer a full range of family law services including divorce, paternity, adoption, child custody and visitation matters. Have a question about child support, alimony or domestic abuse? Please feel free to contact Robert discreetly via email or schedule a free consultation by calling (661) 295-4979

"picture of Santa Clarita courthouse"

Santa Clarita,Ca Courthouse

Best Santa Clarita Family Attorney

By Paul Marlowe

The other night as I was getting ready to meet a friend for dinner, I overheard a conversation from someone sitting at the next booth of the restaurant. He was telling his friend that he and his wife were getting a divorce. The news shocked his friend, but almost even more surprising to me was that the man had already chosen an attorney outside of the Santa Clarita Valley area to represent him. He didn’t even look for the best family lawyer in Santa Clarita.

Apparently someone at his place of employment had recommended this person because the attorney offered a “free consultation”.

Not to discredit his friend or his choice of attorney, but it seemed to me that he could have found an excellent attorney offering a free consultation if he had only looked around the local area. In fact, I know of one.

Best Santa Clarita Family Lawyer Revealed

The best Santa Clarita family lawyer who not only offers a free consultation, but in this era of high gasoline prices, it won’t cost alot of money when you go to visit him. His office is located on Valencia Blvd in Valencia, Ca.

"family law Santa Clarita office"

Robert Berchan (661) 295-4979

23929 W. Valencia Blvd Suite 411

Valencia, CA. 91355

Why the Best Santa Clarita Family Lawyer

Robert Berchan is a member of the CA state bar and NY state bar assn. Plus he has writen an excellent article concerning the 12 things most overlooked in divorce that has helped many clients and it may also help to remind you.

As mentioned earlier, attorney Robert Berchan specializes in family law in Santa Clarita,Ca. He offers a free consultation and charges a reasonable fee. Robert Berchan has an excellent track record of successful cases for his clients. He is also an expert on these family law subjects:

Santa Clarita Custody

Santa Clarita Adoption

Santa Clarita Visitation Rights

Santa Clarita Domestic Violence

Santa Clarita Paternity


"picture of the Seal of Santa Clarita,CA"


At the Law Offices of Robert Berchan at 23929 Valencia Blvd in Valencia, California, Robert Berchan an experienced divorce and family law attorney counsels and represents clients throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley and Simi Valley. Clients primarily reside in Los Angeles County and Ventura County, including cities and communities such as Newhall, Valencia, Saugus, Santa Clarita, San Fernando, Lancaster, Palmdale, Simi Valley, Canyon Country, Fillmore, Burbank, Pasadena, Newhall, Saugus, Acton, Los Angeles, Northridge, Granada Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, North Hills, West Hills, Mission Hills, Encino, Tarzana and Van Nuys, CA.




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