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What would happen to you if, God forbid, the worst happened?

Let’s say, for example, that when you are riding your pony tomorrow from Ashburn, you get rear-ended by a car? You survive the accident. What would you do? Well,  you might contact a car accident lawyer in Ashburn  or a personal injury law firm in Ashburn to claim your rights because you managed to survive the accident.

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However, what if the injury is CATASTROPHIC and you are doomed to spend the rest of your life in a vegetative state? Yes, you still would want to contact a Personal Injury Attorney, but how would you handle these questions?


Question: Could your spouse take you off life support? Answer: No.


Could a doctor take you off life support? No.


Who may make medical decisions for you?

Answer: No one.


What if you did NOT want to have TUBES down your throat?


Answer: Tough Luck.


What if you wished to be cremated and not buried in a casket?


Answer: Too bad!


What if you wanted your PONY to be cared for by your son and NOT your daughter?

Sorry! Too late!


That is, unless you happened to have filled-out and signed an “Advance Health Care Directive”.

What is an “Advance Health Care Directive”? This document gives written instructions to doctors and even nominates a loved one to make decisions on YOUR behalf. It includes things like whether or not you wish to have a religious ceremony, last rites or an autopsy performed, even what MUSIC you want played at your funeral!

This simple document is FREE, it’s EASY to fill out, and can help bring you and your loved ones, greater peace of mind.

So why don’t people get them and fill them out? Answer: sometimes this document can cost anywhere from $40 to $150. But today you can get it absolutely free!

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CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Advance Health Care Directive. It was created for the state of California, so if you DO NOT live in California you could STILL download and fill it out. Then bring it to your local health care professional, lawyer or doctor to see if it fits the laws in Ashburn or where you live! Download it today before you forget!
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